Lavender Angustifolia Violet Intrigue

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Violet Intrigue is a mid-sized English lavender, growing to about 70cmtall with the flower spikes and 70cm wide. When not in bloom, the mound of foliage is about 40cm tall when the plant's fully grown. Violet Intrigue forms a tidy, dense mound of narrow, soft, greenish-silver leaves that are particularly aromatic. It produces masses of violet flower spikes and blooms in early to mid-summer.
Lavender needs good drainage and won't thrive in wet heavy clay soils. It also needs at least half a day of sun otherwise it'll grow too leggy and floppy.
Violet Intrigue's drought tolerant once established and works really well as a low-growing hedge lining a path or mass-planted on banks. It's relatively compact size makes it a good choice for smaller gardens and median strips.
5cm pot