Beaucarnea Recurvata

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The Pony Tail Palm is a distinctive looking houseplant with a swollen thick brown stem at its base that stores water. The long narrow curly, dark green leaves flow up from this base much like a plume of water in a fountain. Years later the plant becomes significantly taller. Elegant, curious and beautiful.

It hails natively from the dry regions of Mexico, and the ability to hold water in the trunk is clearly an adaptation of coming from such an arid place. Although able to survive with little water and care, it does best if watered frequently.
Beaucarnea grows slowly at the best of times and although the plant will do OK in a slightly shady spot, it does need bright light for success. If you can provide some sun you will see the plant converting this into lush new visible leaves: more light, more growth.

Plant for sale is a small version of the photo, around 10cm tall