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Tomato Marmande

  • Tomato Marmande

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    'Marmande' is a classic beefsteak large-fruited tomato which produces the large, firm scarlet-red, ribbed fruits each weighing 160 to 180 grams. This French heritage variety is famous throughout Europe, it is distinguished by its irregular cushion shape and touch of pink on the shoulders. Super Marmande is large, juicy, well flavoured fruit and a great improvement over an already excellent variety. The meaty fruit has a superb flavour and is great for salads and cooking as it produces very few seeds. Grow in the garden and provide them with a sturdy stake to help support the weight of the extremely heavy fruit. A semi-determinate variety, the plants will not need pruning or pinching out. Ideal grilled, fried, sliced or raw in salads and most impressive to show your friends! 10 seeds

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